Stream of Joy

Wake up to the song of the Whistling Thrush, dine with Minivets and Hornbills, hop on to a raft in Huckleberry Finn-style and go down the cool, calm river Kapila. Play with an amazing pool of fish and trek up to the highest peak and watch the scintillating confluence of forest covered hills and hillocks. Nestled in the heart of Western Ghats, one of the world’s amazing biospheres, you will be one with your thoughts and nature.
Image Credit : Abhijit Gandhi (AGA)
This is Stream of Joy homestay, a lovely place with only 4 cottages (all for us). Awesome place… isn’t it. Well this awesomeness  (yes, I made this word) increases manyfold when YOU visit stream of joy and experience the stay along with the whole hearted hospitality of Mr Damle, the owner. By the way, don’t carry any food items there, cause chances are very high that you will never open them and have to take them back.

Image Credit : Abhijit Gandhi (AGA)
On foreign shores, if you look closely in the water, you will realize that the whole river is full of fishes.


Image Credit : Abhijit Gandhi (AGA)
Here is a closer look, these big fishes are called Mahseer. These fishes are generally found in Malaysia, Indonesia, across southern Asia including the Indian Peninsula and Pakistan. They are omnivorous, eating not only algae, crustaceans, insects, frogs, and other fish, but also fruits that fall from trees overhead.


Offtrack, from a river packed with fishes to a dog house packed with puppies. They were so cute that we could not resist spending some time with them.


The view from the cottages is mind-blowing and the serene ambiant sound of water flow is mind-numbing….


…. and here is the breath taking valley view.


The road less travelled……. but full of amazing birds and irritating mosquitoes.


Image Credit : Vinod Bartakke
Sometime you could find colorful birds like Trogon……


.. a hiding jackal…..


… or the solitary and nocturnal wild cats called Civet. The above one is a baby Civet. They spend most of their time on the ground, and are agile climbers. During the day, they sleep in burrows that have been dug and abandoned by other animals. They eat birds, frogs, snakes, small mammals, eggs, crabs, and fish, but also fruit and roots.


Guess who?…. well lemme help you.. the guy driving is the owner of the homestay (Mr Dhamle), most humble person we have met so far and the guy behind is the future owner of such homestay cause they both have one thing in common i.e. enjoying the wilderness


Image Credit : Abhijit Gandhi (AGA)
Shoot the shooter, our journey came to an end… time for some goodbye memories.

There is nothing called a perfect life, there are just perfect moments and we lived one of them.